Female Problems

Painful Intercourse

Dyspareunia – pain during intercourse, again primary or partner specific.

Vaginismus -pain on penetration ( from use of a tampon, finger or penis)

Adult survivor of  childhood sexual abuse –how this can this can effect an on going relationship after children are born or reach an age when the abuse had started.

Loss of Libido – due to childbirth,  illness, surgery or disability. Traumatic events such as a major surgery or illness can have a  severe impact on a relationship. The victim of the disorder may feel that there is not enough support for them whereas the carer may find themselves becoming resentful and bitter. counselling may help with this.

Traumatic events (e.g. menopause, death of a relative, etc) can impact both partners in the relationship and counselling may help you to understand why things have happened, and together we can develop techniques to overcome these problems.