Case Histories

A same sex female couple came with a sexual and medical issue which I was able to help them realise was normal.  With the help of educative work and practical advice I was able to lead them to a successful and appreciative outcome.


A same sex male couple who came with a relationship issue learnt through behaviour modelled in the therapy room of how to have difficult conversations about emotive subjects and how to deconstruct an argument and learn from it.


A young man contacted me last year with premature ejaculation which had been making his life miserable and ended a relationship.  With careful history taking and understanding of how he had got to this stage. We were able to devise a treatment programme including  some individual exercises and further feedback sessions.  Within a few months he was able to have much better ejaculatory control which he was thrilled about,  and ended therapy knowing the strategies of preventing it in the future.


A young couple has been helped to re-ignite their sexual relationship,  after  a life threatening illness for one partner has make lovemaking and intimacy a low priority . I have guided them by  encouraging sensual intimacy and communication and they have very pleased with their progress and re-igniting  their love making.


A young girl who has suffered  secondary vaginismus (pain on sexual intercourse after an earlier traumatic sexual  experience ) has worked very hard on her own with vaginal dilators, an exercise regime and feedback sessions with me. She is extremely pleased with her progress as she had taken along time making that initial contact.